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5 Reasons To Choose A Pre Engineered Metal Building For Your Barn

If you are building a new barn on your property or are considering updating an old building, you should skip the classic wood options and consider a pre engineered metal building instead. Pre engineered metal buildings (PEMB) are metal buildings made from steel that are designed remotely and then sent to your site for erection. They are commonly used for temporary buildings, warehouses, and sports centers. However, they also make an excellent option for a private or commercial barn. Below are some of the reasons you should consider a PEMB.  

More Likely to Withstand Harsh Weather 

Barns tend to be placed in more remote areas where they may not be protected by trees, walls, or other buildings. This means that they can get the full force of winds and storms, which can put your building and the animals housed in it at risk. PEMBs have been shown to withstand hurricane force winds as well as tornadoes, heavy snows, and hail. A PEMB can help keep your animals safe even if it is placed in a remote location. However, it is important to note that to achieve these structural advantages, a PEMB should be paired with an appropriate foundation for the possibility of extreme weather. 

More Options for Interior Design

A PEMB can be built with minimal internal support beams. This gives you a clear area inside your barn to design as you see fit. It gives you greater control over the size and shape of your stalls and storage areas as well as the general layout of your barn. This means that you may be able to utilize a smaller building more efficiently. Additionally, you can add a variety of insulation solutions either to the walls of your PEMB or to individual stalls to create the optimal environment for your animals. 

You May Be Able to Use Your Existing Foundation

One concern you may have using metal for your barn is whether you can use your existing foundation. Since steel tends to be heavier than wood, it often requires a more robust foundation. However, a PEMB building uses less metal than traditional steel buildings, meaning you may be able to utilize your current foundation. It is important to have your foundation assessed to make sure it is appropriate for the PEMB you are ordering, though. You may even order a PEMB designed specifically to work with your foundation. 

Quick Building to Keep Your Animals Housed 

PEMB construction is much faster than traditional construction. The building arrives on site and, depending on the size of your barn, can be put up within days. This will minimize disruption to your animals if you are building near your old barn and will get them out of temporary housing and into their permanent stalls if you are rebuilding your barn. This can help reduce the stress your animals experience during the construction process. 

The Ability to Add On As Your Needs Grow 

One major benefit of PEMB construction is that it is usually easy to add on to your building if you need more space. It is important that your building is located in an area where you can easily add on to one of the ends. When you realize that you need more space, you can simply extend your foundation and order an extension to your building in the same style as your original PEMB. It should connect quickly and with minimal disruption to your daily life. 

Pre engineered metal buildings are a good solution for many construction needs. They are especially useful for sheds, storage structures, and barns. If you are considering replacing your barn with a PEMB, contact a dealer in your area.