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5 Reasons to Opt for a Black Chain-Link Fence

When it comes to chain-link fencing, modern consumers have many more options than before. You will be able to decide the height of your fence, the style of your fence top, the width of the wire, the number and style of posts, and even the color of the fence. While a chain-link fence can be painted almost any color, you can also opt for factory-coated vinyl coverings for your fence in several colors. One of the up and coming color options is black, and there are several benefits to a black vinyl-coated chain-link fence. 

The Vinyl Coating Will Keep Your Fence Looking New Longer

Whether or not your chain-link fence is coated in vinyl, it will probably last between 15–20 years. The vinyl coating will most likely not improve its structural integrity. However, the vinyl coating will help prevent rust from forming and hide rust that has formed. This can help keep your fence looking new throughout the duration of its life. At some point, the vinyl coating may wear off. At this point, you can touch up worn areas with black outdoor metal paint or replace larger sections of fencing that are having issues. 

Black Blends Well with Most Landscaping Options 

Most landscapes tend to feature dark colors, from the brown of tree trunks and shrub branches to dark-green leaves or dark-red wood chips. A black fence will blend in well with these landscaping options. In many cases, the black fence may fade from view, allowing you to focus on the landscaping. Uncoated fencing tends to be more visible and can clash with some plants. A common mistake many homeowners make is ordering a green fence to try to get it to blend with their climbing vines. However, if the green color is slightly off, it will clash with the plants, whereas black will go well with almost any shade of green. This allows you to easily change your landscaping without worrying about whether or not it will match your current fencing. 

Black Looks More Sleek and Elegant Than Other Colors 

Black is traditionally thought of as a formal, sophisticated color. It is considered conservative, powerful, and authoritative. This can make it a good option for a home in an upscale neighborhood where an typical chain-link fence may look out of place. It can also help give your home a sense of separation from other homes in the area and could work to psychologically deter potential trespassers due to the power and intimidation that black exudes. 

Black Can Look Better with Privacy Slats 

With a black fence you can select almost any color of privacy slats to finish the look of your fence. A black fence with black slats will give you a completely black look, which is considered one of the up-and-coming trends of modern gardens. Alternatively, black fencing with colored slats can give you a more funky feel than an uncoated fence with colored slats. Finally, a black fence with white slates can create a highly interesting contrast that will surely spark conversation at your next party. 

Less Cleaning Than Other Fence Colors

Black tends to show dirt less than other fencing colors. This means that you may only have to spray down your fence once a month or even less often to keep it looking fresh and clean. Comparatively, a white fence will show dirt easily, requiring your to spray it down once a week or even more often. 

If you are trying to decide on a color of chain-link fencing or whether chain-link fencing is right for you, you should consider the benefits of black fencing. Talk to a company such as F & W Fence Company, Inc. for more information.