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How Do Construction Surveys Differ From Land Surveys?

If you have a plot of land that you have recently purchased for the building and placement of a large commercial building, then you likely understand that you need to prepare in advance for construction. Planning is a huge part of preparation, and this means that a survey needs to be completed. There are different types of surveys for different kinds of construction, and a construction survey is often needed instead of a basic land survey. If you do not know the difference between the two different surveys, then keep reading to learn how a construction survey differs from a land survey.

Construction Surveys Are More Detailed

Basic land surveys are typically completed before a home is sold or a major reconstruction project is completed on an existing property. Surveys are also used to show the details of a property before it is purchased. This is necessary so that legal documents as well as mortgages can be drafted. During the land survey, the exact location of the property lines as well as certain features are located. Features like underground gas lines and drainage pipes are found. Land surveys are typically geographical surveys that use natural landmarks to determine plot lines. In many cases, control points that are marked with benchmarks are utilized as well. 

Construction surveys are much more complicated and detailed than land surveys. The surveys are completed so that construction can begin on a plot of land in conjunction with a detailed architectural plan. Instead of using natural landmarks to complete the survey, artificial or man-made objects are identified instead. This allows your building to sit properly in relation to roadways, other buildings, and bridges. Also, the city sewer system already placed in the region as well as other utilities will be noted. 

Construction surveys also map out the horizontal and vertical points to assist with the creation of buildings. This is ideal so that large multi-floor buildings retain floors that are level with one another and the ground. The surveyors will make sure that the ground is suitable for building as well. 

Construction Surveys Use Different Coordinate Systems

Since land surveys are geological surveys, surveyors use something called a geodesic system to create surveys. Geodesic is the science of taking the earth's size and shape measurements using basic lines and curves. This means that basic point plotting and mathematics are used to create a survey. However, a construction survey will not use basic benchmarks and topography. This means that a different system is needed to figure out where the plot points are for a new building.

Grid systems are commonly used to figure out where the boundaries of the building will be placed. This system uses a grid pattern with different blocks or squares of equal size. Grids are constructed horizontally to figure out building location in relation to other structures, like roads and office buildings in the area. Grids are also created vertically to map out load bearing walls and the general location of each floor in the building. Both letters and numbers are utilized to mark out the different elevations, floors, and other structures on the survey. 

Some construction surveys will also use directional systems that mark structures on a north-south and east-west axis. Construction surveyors will sometimes use something called a chainage system too, but this is more likely if a road or bridge is being constructed. 

If you want a building constructed on a piece of land, then you will need to have a survey completed. A construction survey is what you want instead of a basic land survey. Construction surveys are more in-depth and complicated than land varieties. Speak with a local survey professional, like those at Community Sciences Corporation, to find out more about what will happen when your construction survey is completed.