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Photography Studios: 4 Fence Options Ideal for Exterior Pictures

Owning a photography studio gives you a lot of control and options for the way you take pictures. When using a studio to take pictures, you can really expand your image options by offering outdoor spaces to take pictures. As you plan to take outdoor shots, it's important to consider the natural surroundings that you can take pictures in. Adding a fence to your property can dramatically change the backdrops, poses, and overall look of a picture. As you shop for fence installations for your photo studio, you will see there are multiple design options to choose from. Read about some of these sample designs to help you brainstorm and choose an option that will increase your ability to shoot outdoors effectively.

Paddock & Split-Rail Wood Fences

Add some rustic designs to your photography with the installation of a paddock or split-rail wood fence. These wooden fences feature a classic design that can offer a nice backdrop for images. For group images, the paddock fences are ideal for posing. People can lean on the fences, sit on the rail, or hang behind them. This type of fence also gives you a great way to get some natural shots of children playing around the fence. Children can climb through or on the fence and give you the chance to capture natural smiles and poses while they play. When these fences are installed, they can have unfinished wood designs or be stained a number of natural colors. The color tones of the wooden fence can add to photo designs and any branding that you may have within your photos.

Chain-Link Fencing Privacy Slats

If your property has a chain-link fence, then it can become distracting in photos that you take. Fencing contractors can add a little elegance to a chain link fence by installing privacy slats. These slats can be purchased in all types of colors, giving you multiple backdrop options. For example, one portion of the fence can feature blue privacy slats while another features dark brown. The slats help eliminate the look of the chains and can increase your backdrop options while shooting outside.  If you do not have a fence installed on your property, then a chain-link fence with privacy slats is a great low-budget option.

Privacy Fences

Privacy fences are tall fences that can be made with a number of materials, such as vinyl or wood. The main advantage of these fences for a photography business is the ability to have a complete backdrop. For example, if your business is located next to other businesses or homes, a privacy fence can block out distracting views of buildings, vehicles, or other people. It can act as a straight-up background for your pictures. Typically, these fences can be built as high as six feet, but special permits may be granted to allow higher fence installations. This height typically offers plenty of room to shoot images so that the whole fence takes up the backdrop. This will allow your subjects to stand out in the photo while the background becomes a solid out-of-focus color.

Ornamental Fences

Add some elegance to your photos with the installation of ornamental fences. These fences are typically made of materials like iron or aluminum. If you have a high-end photography business, then these fences can be installed around the perimeter of the business to showcase formal designs. When taking formal photos like prom pictures or engagement portraits, the fence designs can add an elegant touch. For example, a bride-to-be can lean up against the fence and add it into the shot. Ornamental pieces can be added to the design and make ideal props for your images. For example, you can have an ornamental-iron animal design fused to the fence. This could make a fun background for your images.

Seeing different layouts will help you get a better visualization of your photography needs. A contractor such as All Counties Fence and Supply can provide you with image galleries and samples to look through.