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Roll Up Versus Overhead Sectional Garage Doors: Advantages Of Each Type

If you are in the market for a new garage door, either to replace an existing installation or for a new home, you may have more available options than you think. While most residential garage doors are built in overhead sectional configurations, you may also want to consider a roll up door when evaluating your choices. Roll up doors are traditionally used for commercial or industrial applications, but they offer a number of advantages that might make them ideal for your home. There are drawbacks, as well, so it's important to understand the pros and cons of choosing each type. Below are a few of advantages of both overhead and roll up doors:

Roll up doors - advantages

  • More overhead room - A roll up garage door uses a spool that draws the door into a wall-mounted canister when the door is raised. Conversely, the spool lowers the door out of the canister to the ground when it is closed. This canister is mounted immediately above the door on the wall, and there is no overhead component mounted to the ceiling of the garage. This can provide several additional feet of overhead clearance for storage, and a roll up door also makes a great option for individuals who want to use a lift for vehicle repairs.

  • Resilience to break-ins - Roll up garage doors are often used in storage facilities and are designed to withstand break-in attempts. That translates to your home by providing increased resistance to potential burglaries, especially if the roll up door is manufactured from a thicker gauge steel. Most sectional doors are built from a much thinner sheet metal that can be compromised by a determined intruder.

  • Long, reliable operational lifespan - Since roll up doors are often installed in industrial settings, there is a need for them to operate with little maintenance and to last for decades. This heavy duty construction means they are more than capable of enduring the daily grind of home living, and their reliable operation will keep them functioning without much need for intervention upon the part of homeowners. Sectional doors have a torsion spring that will fatigue, break and need replacing on a periodic basis.

Overhead sectional doors - advantages

  • Superior insulating characteristics - Overhead sectional doors are designed to fit tightly against the door frame and seal out incoming drafts. In addition, sectional doors are often equipped with foam insulating panels that provide increased insulation against heat or cold intrusion. It is not practical for roll up doors to be insulated, as the doors are usually constructed of interlinked steel panels or corrugated metal. Also, roll up doors are not able to provide an airtight seal against the door frame and readily admit hot and cold air.

  • Aesthetic values - There is a tremendous variety of sectional garage doors available, made from a number of materials such as a wood, metal and even plastic. In addition, sectional doors can be purchased in numerous color choices and are also textured in a variety of patterns. As another plus, sectional doors can be equipped with windows, while roll up doors cannot. Roll up doors are also limited in their designs and can carry an industrial look that may be difficult to see past.

  • Less costly - If cost is your primary concern, then a traditional sectional door will be your least expensive option. A no-frills sectional door can be purchased for less than three hundred dollars, while a roll up door with motorized opener will likely exceed one thousand dollars. In addition, if your roll up door does break down, then you may need to pay more to have it repaired due to its specialized nature and sealed canister operation.