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Answers To Common Questions About Water Well Care

Water wells are common in homes that are in rural settings or that otherwise lack water connections. Unfortunately, if you have never lived in a home with this type of water system, it can be easy for you to be poorly informed when it comes to caring for your new home's water well. To help you be a better-informed homeowner, it is important for you to understand the answers to a few common questions individuals may have about their water wells.

Why Is It Not Advised To Service Your Own Well?

Many individuals may enjoy the do-it-yourself aspect that can come with owning a house. However, the water well system is one part of the home that you should always leave to the professionals. These systems are extremely complicated and expensive. As a result, it can be remarkably easy for a person to accidentally ruin their water well pump. Additionally, it can be easy to introduce bacteria to the water supply, which can lead to serious water quality issues for your home. By hiring a professional, such as T. W. Stanley & Son Well Pump & Plumbing Repair, for any work that your system needs, you can avoid these potentially serious problems.

What Should You Do If You Suspect Your Well Water Is Contaminated?

Unfortunately, there will always be a small chance that the water source feeding your well becomes contaminated. This can occur due to the introduction of bacteria, chemical leaks or a host of other problems. Protecting your family's health against this problem will require you to have the well water routinely tested. Fortunately, there are kits you can purchase to perform this test yourself, and it should be done once every few months. If you notice a change in the taste or an increase in stomach illness, you should contact a professional to determine the source of the problem.

How Can You Protect Your Well System From Freezing?

The cold temperatures that can come with the winter months may be enough to cause extensive damage to your pump. When the temperatures drop below freezing, the water in the pump can freeze, which may cause extensive damage to the system as well as deprive your home of water. Luckily, winterizing the pumping system is not an overly difficult task as there are special heating systems that modern well pumps use to keep the water from reaching freezing temperatures. Typically, you will only need to activate this heat source when the temperatures drop below freezing to protect your system against this type of serious damage.