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Turn Your Garage into a Comfortable and Inviting Home Office

Are you in need of a comfortable and inviting space to use for work and client visits? Consider turning your garage into a home office. Garages are spacious, offer easy access, and are connected to the house, which makes it easy to come and go on the fly. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to transform your garage into an incredible home office.

Replace the Garage Door

An excellent way to ensure that your clients don't have to go through your personal home to reach your office is to replace your garage door with one that has a walk-through door built into it. This will enable you to keep the garage door closed at all times and minimize the infiltration of dust and debris into your office while allowing clients to easily enter and exit through the smaller door during business hours. Your new garage door should also have large windows in it for natural light. When having your garage door replaced, ask your contractor to provide you with a maintenance checklist and suggested service schedule so you know how to keep the door in optimal condition as time goes on.

Focus on Weather Control

Once your new garage door is in place, it's a good idea to do some insulating to ensure that temperatures in your office stay comfortable year-round. Start by applying insulation film to the windows in the garage doors. This will improve energy efficiency and protect the interior of your office from damage due to UV rays. It is also important to fit the door with weatherstripping for installation around the entirety of it. Also, consider investing in a snake that can be laid along the bottom of the garage door during the winter months for extra weather protection.

Finally, installing a ceiling fan will provide you with a way to heat up and cool down the space throughout the year. This can come in especially handy if your home's HVAC system isn't set up for use in the garage. Program your fan to run clockwise during the winter to keep warm air circulating throughout the room. In the summer, program the fan to run counterclockwise to create a continuous breeze for you and your clients to enjoy. Choose a ceiling fan that features a lighting fixture on it so you don't have to use lamps and other light sources that take up space within your office.

Use Color for Inspiration

Incorporating a few accent colors into your new home office is a surefire way to make the space inviting for clients while they are visiting and comfortable for you while you are working. You can paint the walls, put down throw rugs, add pillows to your seating, and hang tapestries on the walls to implement the color you want. Start by choosing a base color to work from that's neutral and won't overwhelm the senses, such as beige or tan. Then choose two or three accent colors that will create some depth and have a positive effect on your mood and emotions. Consider one or more of the following:

  • Increase energy levels with hues of red.
  • Invoke joy and happiness with shades of yellow.
  • Use blue to create a calm atmosphere and keep stress levels low.
  • Implement purple for a luxurious and sophisticated look and feel.

Start by incorporating just one accent color into the space and work from there to ensure that you don't go overboard and end up making the room look like a circus house.

These tips and tricks should make it easy for you to turn your garage into a fully functional home office that's comfortable to use on a daily basis and inviting for clients when they need to visit. To find garage-door companies, visit sites like http://www.planooverhead.com.