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Giving Your Receiving Department an Upgrade? 2 Garage-Door Features You Should Look For

When it comes to making sure that your vendors can deliver inventory quickly and safely, few things are as important as your receiving doors. These commercial garage doors are vital for both the security of your products and your entire commercial warehouse—which is why every business owner should think about upgrading their overhead doors. Here are two commercial garage-door features you should look for when you start shopping and why you should get them.

1. High-Gauge Steel Construction

Since aluminum and steel doors look very similar, some business owners opt for aluminum overhead garage doors because they are typically less expensive. However, when it comes to protecting your business, steel is the clear frontrunner.

In addition to being naturally stronger and heavier than aluminum, steel isn't as susceptible to the same kinds of corrosion and pitting that aluminum is. Steel is a metal alloy that contains many corrosion-resistant materials, including nickel, copper, and manganese. Some steel manufacturers even add chromium to make steel even less susceptible to environmental damage. Since steel is easier to weld, most steel doors contain reinforced seams that help to protect the structure and moving parts.

High-gauge steel is also available in different thicknesses. For example, you can choose between 16-, 20-, and 24-gauge doors depending on your building's specific needs. Steel garage doors are capable of withstanding as much as 20 pounds per square foot of force, which is the equivalent of 88 mile-per-hour winds. For this reason, steel doors are perfect for areas where the weather can be temperamental.

Steel construction doors are also desirable because of their energy efficiency, since steel is naturally resistant to heat flow. For example, insulated steel garage doors come with R-Values as high as 17.4, which can help you to keep more of your carefully heated and cooled air inside of your warehouse. This feature can help you to lower your controllable expenses and minimize your carbon footprint so that you can operate profitably and responsibly.

2. Springs Made for Heavy Usage

How often does your business get deliveries? If you have a thriving company that accepts incoming deliveries several times a day, you might be surprised to find out that standard garage-door torsion springs are only rated for about 10,000 cycles. To put that number into perspective, if you open and close your receiving doors six times a day, a standard spring might only last a little over four and a half years before it breaks suddenly and leave you with a non-functional door.

In addition to slowing down your operation, suddenly snapping springs could injure your employees because the springs are under high amounts of pressure. When these springs break, and that pressure is suddenly released, heavy metal springs can go flying, and this can lead to injury or even death.

To prevent these kinds of serious problems, invest in a commercial garage door with springs made for heavy usage. Some manufacturers make springs made for over 100,000 uses before needing to be replaced. This means that instead of lasting a mere 4.5 years, a garage door with a spring that is rated for 100,000 uses might last for 45 years—or even longer depending on how much you use your door. You never know—by investing in the right set of doors, you could get commercial receiving doors that could outlast your business.

High-quality commercial garage doors can help you to keep your goods safe, improve the energy efficiency of your entire building, and prevent expenses down the road. For more information about commercial garage doors, contact a business in your area to see about getting a consultation for a replacement.   

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