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Want To DIY Major Windshield Repair? A Few Things You Should Know First

Windshield repair seems like one of those things you could do on your own, right? After all, you are just removing the shattered windshield and putting a new one in. You may be surprised to learn that the process is not as cut and dry as all that. Before you set your heart and mind on replacing and repairing your own windshield, here are a few things you should know first.

You Need a Very Warm, Dry Place to Do This

Most windshield repairs and replacements occur inside a shop and with good reason. The sealants used to secure the windshield in place require a certain temperature for "x" number of minutes, and your windshield absolutely cannot get wet for at least twenty-four hours afterwards. While some windshield repairs and replacements can occur outdoors, the glass experts will only do these jobs if the weather is clear and above sixty or seventy degrees. You cannot do this job outside in the middle of a rainy season or the dead of winter. You need a warm, dry place if you are going to DIY windshield repair.

Windshields Are Heavier Than They Look

Sure, the pros make it look so easy, but why do you think they use massive suction cups and swing arms to hoist the windshield into place? It is because windshields are a lot heavier than they look. It is a two-person job just to lift the glass up, over the hood of the car and position it without dropping it. Unless you have the special equipment the auto glass specialists have, or unless you have another adult with some muscle, you cannot complete this type of auto repair project entirely on your own.

You Have to Know How to Recycle Windshield Glass Properly

Part of the removal process for the old windshield is to sufficiently shatter it the rest of the way so that the pieces can all be removed and disposed of properly. Rear windshields will break into tiny bits while front windshields usually crack and split into shards of all sizes. Some of this glass could fall inside the vehicle, and you will need to retrieve the pieces or chance it and cut someone to ribbons. Then you have to send the auto glass to a special recycling plant, because it is tempered glass and cannot simply go out with the morning trash.

Auto glass companies often have agreements with certain recycling companies in order to dispose of and process thousands of pounds of auto glass each year. You may be able to take the shards or bits to the pros for recycling for a fee (the same fee that would be included in your professional auto glass repair job). At this point, you may have to ask yourself if this DIY job is really worth all the hassle. Check out sites like http://www.centralglassutah.com for more information.