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How to Build Your Own Outdoor Fire Pit

A fire pit outside can provide warmth, a place for entertainment and relaxation, and a way to cook delicious food for your family and guests outside. There are a number of different fire pits on the market today that can sometimes cost a pretty penny, or you can make one yourself. See below for instructions on how to build an outdoor fire pit.

Tools & Materials for the Job

  • Spray paint
  • Gravel
  • Shovel
  • Tamper
  • Landscape blocks
  • Rubber mallet
  • Masonry glue
  • Round fire ring
  • Level


1. Start by measuring out large your fire ring is, plus the width of your landscape blocks (which will surround the fire ring). Then mark the area where your fire pit will go in your yard using the spray paint.

2. Cut away at the grass using your shovel on the area you marked with the spray paint. Dig down about 6 inches into the ground all the way around the marked area.

3. Next, tamp the ground down until it's level. Once level, add the gravel and spread it evenly across.

4. Add the metal fire ring to the center of the area, tamping it down with the rubber mallet so it's level on top of the gravel.

5. Then add the landscape stones, tamping them down so they are set firmly in the gravel beneath. Continue adding the landscape stones one after the other, tamping them down so they are all level together.

6. Once you have the first layer of landscape stones, you can begin adding more stones on top of the first set. Be sure to stagger the stones so the center of the top stone lines up with the seam of the two stone beneath. Add masonry glue to the top of the stones below before placing the stones on the top. Continue adding the stones until the second layer is finished and level.

7. Add a third and fourth level if necessary, working in the same way you did for the second layer until the landscape blocks are even with the top of the fire pit.

8. When finished, add some more gravel around the edge of the first layer of landscape block to finish off the look of your fire pit.

You can add a grill or metal cover over the top of the fire pit to prevent small ones or pets from getting into the fire pit. Check your local hardware store for the items listed above. Make your fire pit all your own and enjoy spending more time outside with your family and friends. For more help or assistance, contact companies like Alpine Fireplaces.