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Minimizing Impacts Through Technology - Options Available In Crash Truck Rentals

If your company is going to be completing a job in a dangerous area with a lot of vehicle traffic, renting a crash truck is an important part of minimizing the potential for danger. There are more distractions on the road today than ever before, and shielding your job and your employees from distracted drivers is an absolutely essential safety step with many available options.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the different technologies available in rented crash trucks. Understanding the impact dissipation systems available to you will allow you to make an informed decision about the best way to protect your employees and maximize safety in even the most dangerous conditions.

Material Deformation

One of the best ways to arrest the momentum on an oncoming vehicle to have materials available to absorb the impact. Hitting a barrier attached to a truck that's designed to crumple will allow dangerous energy to dissipate before it creates a damaging collision.

Many modern crash trucks include crumple zones comprised of a strong but malleable metal that are designed to fully absorb contact. These are often composed of various types of corrugated or split steel, as those materials will safely break down without creating excess risk to either employees on a site or the driver in the accident vehicle.

Momentum Transfer

Other materials which can absorb a great deal of energy can form effective barriers. While we may not often think of water or sand as being particularly strong, their relative densities can make them fantastic candidates for absorbing collision energy and forming a solid protective barrier.

By absorbing energy in waves and sending it out evenly throughout a contained volume or water or sand, momentum transfer barriers can create minimal destruction with maximum protection. These are often laid out in areas surrounding a crash truck as another layer which can prevent even the truck itself from absorbing unnecessary damage.


Perhaps the simplest of all momentum arresting systems, a friction barrier can still be effective if the area for setting up protections is somewhat limited. Through the use of steel cables and angles tubes, an oncoming vehicle that would otherwise cause a serious accident can be stopped in its tracks. While these systems may create entanglements that are difficult to cleanup after the fact, they remain incredibly successful at minimizing collision risks and maximizing the protection of everyone involved in an accident.

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