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What To Do When You Have Leaking Roof Shingles

Do you have water getting into your home due to shingles that are leaking? You'll need to act quickly in order to prevent more damage from occurring. If you don't take steps to fix the leak, it can lead to a costly repair down the road after a big storm. Here is what you should do when you have leaking roof shingles.

Protect The Interior

Start by protecting the interior of your home from leaking water. This means putting down a bucket to collect water from a spot that is leaking, or even using a tarp when the leak is so widespread that buckets won't do the job.

Inspect The Roof

You'll need to get a close look at your roof at where you think the water is coming in. Do you see shingles that are damaged, missing, curled, or loose? If so, these shingles will need replacement. Leaking shingles often occur due to shingles that are old in age and have broken down. Remember that these shingles that have caused a leak may be a sign that more problems are to come, so start thinking about roof replacement depending on the condition of the surrounding shingles.

Remove The Shingles

You'll want to be careful when removing damaged shingles so that you do not cause damage to any of the other surrounding shingles. Since they are installed slightly on top of each other, damaging surrounding shingles is easy to do. There is a specialized shingle removing tool that will get underneath the shingle and help you lift it off. You'll also need a claw hammer to remove nails still in the roof. If the shingle was installed underneath flashing, you'll need to remove the flashing as well.

Clean The Area

Look for any dirt or debris that is in the area where the damaged shingle was, and clean it off. You can use a broom to sweep the area, but be sure to only sweep downward gently in the direction of the shingles. Going the opposite way can push debris and dirt underneath the shingles.

Install The Felt Paper and Shingle

You'll need to staple new roof paper where the shingle is now missing. This prevents rains from getting to the roof deck, keeping it dry. Then you can place your new shingles onto the roof, overlapping it just like the old one, and securing it with roofing nails.

Seem too complicated to do on your own? Contact a roofing contractor that can help do it for you.