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Think You Have A Water Leak In Your Home? Places You May Find It

If you think you have a leak somewhere in your home, it can be difficult to determine where the leak is. To help you, below are some places you may find it so you can know if you can take care of this problem on your own, or if you should hire a professional leak detection company to come to your home.

Leak in Attic

Climb up into your attic and look for water. You may have damp roof rafters, insulation, or flooring. If there is a leak, you will likely notice a musty smell as there may be mold built up in the damp areas. If you do find water or dampness in your attic then your roof has a leak. Inspect your roof for things like damaged or missing shingles. There may be damage to your gutters that does not allow water to flow through them but instead the water travels up and into your roof.

You may be able to repair a few shingles by purchasing some roofing nails and nailing them back down. If you have a lot of damage, however, hire a roofing contractor take care of this problem for you.

Leak in Water Supply Line

Plumbing is another area that may be leaking. One part of your plumbing that may have a leak is your water supply line. This is the line that runs between your home and your water meter.

This type of leak is difficult to find as the supply line is buried a few feet under the ground. There may be some ways you can know if this is the problem, however. Look at the water meter. If you see water here and you have not had any rain, this indicates a leak in the water supply line. If the soil stays damp above the ground where the supply line meets the meter this is also a detection that you have a leak here.

If you think you have a leak in the supply line, do not try to repair it on your own. Instead, contact your local water department and they will send someone out to your property. They have the equipment that can detect where the leak is so they can repair it for you.

If you continue to see a high water bill or you cannot find the leak, you should hire a weak detection company like First Class Plumbing of Florida Inc. to come to your home. They are experienced in finding leaks no matter where they are located. Once they find the leak, they will then help you get it repaired by either doing it themselves or hiring a professional to help them.