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Making Access To Your Sump Pump Easier In Four Easy Steps

If you need new sump pump installation, you might be dreading the construction or access to the device. At least your sump pump is not a well, which would be much more complicated to manage. When you hire a construction contractor to create the area in which you plan to install your sump pump, here is how you can create good access around it.

Clear an Area That Is Four Feet by Four Feet

In the event that your sump pump cannot manage excessive flood waters, you want at least four square feet all around its perimeter. Then the overflow of water has someplace to ebb outward while your sump pump works overtime to pump it out of your basement. As an added precaution, place pallets or shelving on the outskirts of this fenced off area to store anything that you already keep there and prevent it from getting soaked.

Have a Two-Foot Wide Path to the Sump Pump

There are some repair and maintenance instruments that contractors need that roll through on wheels. If you only prepare a path wide enough for a single person to pass through, the contractors will have some issues getting their machines and instruments to the spot where your sump pump will go. Clear a two-foot wide path, at a minimum, to avoid accidental trips and falls onto hard cement.

Make Sure There Is Outdoor Clearance Too

Many people pave a path inside for sump pump installation but either forget or do not realize that a sump pump sends water up and out to the outside. Once you have selected the area in your basement and have cleared the way, go outside and make sure the outside area near your foundation is clear as well. No cars should be parked here, or pools installed. Additional construction to install some type of drainage to help redirect the sump pump water away from the house happens here, and you do not want anything to interfere with that.

For Extra Security, Build a Wall Around the Sump Pump

Low-lying properties will always experience some measure of flooding. A sump pump can still work effectively if there are concrete walls around it. Small holes at the bottom take in the water in your basement, but prevent the sump pump water from flowing back out. This may require some extra work on your contractor's part, but then it clearly defines the area and ropes off your sump pump from stuff you store in your basement.

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