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3 Different Types Of Hardwood Flooring

If you are looking to upgrade your floors with hardwood, there are a lot of things to consider. Most importantly, you need to decide which type of flooring product is best for you. That is, there are many different types of hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood is usually the most expensive and considered to be the most classic. Engineered hardwood is also a luxury item, but it is usually more affordable than a comparable solid product. Laminated hardwood is definitely the cheapest of the options, but it is very high-quality and looks pretty much exactly like the other two. This article highlights the main differences between these three different types of hardwood flooring.

Real Hardwood

Real hardwood is great for people who can't afford it. It will definitely add the most value to your property. Homebuyers will always be attracted to hardwood floors if they know that they are made out of real, solid planks. That being said, installation of real hardwood is much more demanding. It definitely needs to be handled by professionals. Basically, raw hardwood installation is a custom job. Since the planks are not as flexible, they need to be cut and mitered to perfectly fit the floor and each other.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood usually has the same look as solid hardwood. That is, once it is installed, the visible layer is real hardwood. The layers underneath are made out of thinner, cheaper composite words. These thin layers are glued together and create planks that are more flexible and easier to install over uneven surfaces. This also keeps down the weight and cost of the product. Most engineered floors also have a special interlocking design. This is specifically made for people who want to install their own flooring. If you are looking to tackle a hefty but manageable DIY project, installing engineered flooring could be great for you.

Laminate Hardwood

Laminate hardwood flooring planks have no real wood in them. They just have a laminated, fake wood print on the top layer. Surprisingly, these prints look very authentic. When you're up close and inspecting them, you will obviously be able to determine that they are not real wood. However, they can create the same overall look, especially when viewed from further away. Laminate floors are definitely the cheapest of the three options, so they are very popular. They also require the least amount of maintenance.

All three options will look and feel great in any home. Choose the level that you can comfortably afford.