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Considering Placing An Aluminum Fence Around Your Commercial Building? Learn The Factors You Need To Consider When Selecting One

If you own a commercial building, you may be considering placing a fence around it. A fence is a great way to secure your building and keep unwanted people and animals off the premise. Aluminum is one of the top choices for commercial fencing. This is because it is durable, relatively low maintenance and affordable. However, not all aluminum fencing is the same. If you are looking to obtain an aluminum commercial fence, here are a couple of questions to ask the companies you are obtaining estimates from. 

What is the Thickness of the Aluminum?

One of the first questions you will want to ask is what is the thickness, also called gauge, of the aluminum fencing that is used. The lower the gauge, the more metal that is in the product. For example, a 10-gauge aluminum fence has more metal, is stronger and is harder to cut through than a 22-metal gauge fence. This is important to you because you want to ensure thieves or vandals cannot cut through your fence or a storm doesn't blow your fence over or cause it to warp. However, the downside is that the thicker the gauge, the more it will cost you. As such, you want to get the thickest gauge you can afford. 

Is the Aluminum is Powder Coated, Sealed or Unfinished?

Another important question to ask is whether the aluminum fence is powder coated, sealed or unfinished. Generally speaking, a powder coated fence requires the least amount of maintenance. A sealed fence is also relatively low maintenance, but does need to be resealed as needed. The length of time it can go between resealed varies based on the weather conditions where you live and the quality of the sealer that is used. Lastly, unfinished aluminum requires the most maintenance and is not recommended. It can corrode overtime, and needs to be meticulously cleaned and cared for to prevent this. Consider how much time you have to maintain a fence and then select the aluminum fence that best meets your needs. 

Does the Fence Have Aluminum or Steel Posts? 

Lastly, you will want to ask if the fence has aluminum or steel posts. The posts help support the weight of the fence and help prevent it from shifting during flooding, earthquakes, and strong wind gusts. Steel is stronger than aluminum and can hold more weight. If you need to ensure the fence stays up, steel posts are your best bet. If you have a strict budget or it isn't the end of the world if the fence falls over and is out of commission for a few days due to an act of God, paying less for aluminum posts may be better for you. 

Just because a fence is an aluminum fence does not mean it is the same exact one that another company is selling. There are many difference among commercial fences. Knowing what questions to ask before you buy one will help you select the type that best fits your needs and your budget.