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2 Ways To Improve Airflow

Even if you have recently installed a brand new HVAC system that is super energy efficient and modern, it is going to need some maintenance. That is, the large appliances in your HVAC system are going to lose efficiency from normal usage. You can't really avoid this, but problems are compounded if you don't do your small part to clean and maintain your system.

Adjust Your Air Registers

Controlling your air registers is perhaps the most essential, yet simple way to maximize airflow. Some people mistakenly think that the best way to maintain good airflow throughout the house is to just leave all the registers open. However, you probably realize that certain rooms in your house get hot and cold at different rates. That is, a room on one side your house might be much hotter during the summer then a room on the other side of the house. Obviously, this hotter room is going to need more AC airflow.

If you don't adjust your registers accordingly, you can be wasting the air. Also, you can end up with rooms that are uncomfortable. For instance, some rooms might be receiving maximum airflow when they don't need it, making them much hotter or colder than they really need to be. The situation will also very greatly from season to season. Th at is, the same room that gets too hot in the summer and needs more airflow isn't necessarily going to need that much airflow during the winter. Usually, you need to adjust your registers at the beginning of every season in order to maximize their airflow.

Change Your Air Filter

While you are adjusting your air registers, you will be able to identify which registers are actually air returns to the furnace. This is where air is sucked out of your house and back into the furnace so it can be filtered. In most systems, filters are on the inside of these registers, which are usually the largest registers on the wall. You can also tell that they are are returns because the blades aren't adjustable. So, you should remove these registers from the wall and you should be able to immediately see the filter. If the filter is dirty, which is very likely if it hasn't been changed in a few months, you should replace it completely. Don't waste your time trying to clean your filter. It is much easier to just replace your filter because they only cost about $20. With clean filters and properly adjusted air registers, you are doing your small part to ensure maximum airflow.

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