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Three Materials Ideal For Bathroom Counter Tops

Your bathroom is one of the only rooms in your home that is constantly exposed to high degrees of humidity and moisture, as well as constant temperature fluctuations due to the shower and bathtub. This means that when you are updating or remodeling your bathroom, you need to pay particular attention to the materials that you are using to ensure that you balance aesthetic appeal against practical durability. This is undeniably important for your bathroom counter tops, which take up a large portion of the surface of your bathroom. Understanding some of the best material options available for your bathroom remodeling project can help you choose the one that is the right fit for your needs.


Granite is a type of natural stone that is inherently moisture resistant, making it a good fit for your bathroom environment. Granite is also relatively stain and heat resistant, though you will have to have your counter tops sealed after installation (and continuously sealed afterwards) in order to prevent grease from soaps, shampoos, and other common bathroom chemicals from causing staining. However, granite also comes with a significant price tag, which can make it an impractical choice if you have a large counter space to fill up or are operating under a budget.

Solid Surface

Solid surface counter tops are made out of a variety of synthetic materials that are designed to mimic the appearance of natural stone, but provides a uniform appearance throughout the entirety of the material. This means that scuffs, scratches, and other deformities can be simply sanded down, instead of having to have the entire counter top replaced when it is damaged. Solid surface is also non-porous, and thus is able to withstand the environmental stresses of your bathroom quite well, without staining or otherwise deforming. However, solid surface is not as durable as some other types of counter top material. While minor damage can be sanded down and removed, heavier damage and cracking can occur in rare instances, which will require the counter top to be replaced.


Laminate counter tops are the ideal choice for bathroom remodeling projects that are under a tight budget. Laminate is made out of synthetic and plastic materials that are immune to water damage, and can be easily molded and created in a wide range of different shapes and colors, allowing them to mimic the appearance of other types of counter top materials. However, laminate counter tops are not as easily resistant to physical stress, which means that you need to watch out for cracks, scratching, and other forms of damage which can ruin the appearance of the surface of your counter tops.