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4 Tips To Help With Care After Having New Wood Siding Installed On Your Home

Today, there are many different choices of materials when you need siding installed on your home, but wood is still a great choice. The only thing about wood siding is that it needs to be cared for and an occasional repair to ensure it lasts for years. The following tips will help you care for the new wood siding you have installed on your home to ensure it lasts:

1. Allow Your New Wood Siding Time to Cure and Dry Before Sealing It

One of the mistakes that is often made after installing wood materials is immediately painting or sealing them. This does not allow the wood to properly dry and cure, which is why you want to wait a couple of months before you do any painting or sealing to your wood siding. What you can do is go ahead and caulk cracks to prevent water and moisture from getting behind the siding. The caulking will need to be done again before you paint or seal the wood.

2. Sealing and Preventative Maintenance to Protect Your Wood Siding from Wear

There are many different options to seal wood siding materials to protect them from weathering and wear. If you want to have the natural look of wood, use an oil-based sealant that is clear. If you want to change the color of the natural wood, use a sealant that has a colored stain in it. Wood siding can also be painted if the material has a smooth sanded surface that is meant to be painted.

3. Cleaning, Caulking and Sealing to Protect Your Siding from The Outdoor Elements

Cleaning wood siding materials is the most important maintenance task that needs to be done. To prevent problems with mildew and rot, clean the siding every few months to prevent problems. In addition, you will want to routinely paint or seal the wood and caulk cracks, which is something that should be done every few years.

4. Stain Removal and the Occasional Repairs That Your Wood Siding Will Need Over the Years

Stains from rusty nails, plants and nature outside can be unsightly problems with wood siding. Sand the surface of siding or use a wood stain removal product to restore the surface of the siding. In addition to stains, your wood siding may need occasional repairs due to cracked pieces of siding, insects or wear. Make sure to do repairs when you find damage to prevent problems from spreading and becoming costlier.

These are some tips to help care for your newly installed wood siding exterior. If you are ready to renovate the exterior of your home, contact a siding contractor and talk to them about wood siding installation options for your home.