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Drafts Got You Down? It Might Be Time For New Windows

Window replacement is rarely at the top of any homeowner's renovation list, but it is one of the best and most cost-effective upgrades that you can make. In fact, new window installation is a great investment in your home's long-term value as well as a good way to save yourself money and make your house a more comfortable place to spend time. Is it time for you to consider new windows for your house? Check out these three reasons that you might want to move windows to the top of your to-do list.

Your Old Windows May Be Costing You Money

Your home's envelope is the imaginary barrier that separates it from the outside world. This envelope is what keeps the climate-controlled air in and the outside environment out. Your walls, roof, doors, and, unsurprisingly, your windows are all key parts of that envelope. All of these parts of your home must be in good condition in order to contain the interior environment. Leakage from any component of your home's envelope means that your HVAC system has to work harder, ultimately costing you more money in energy usage and increased maintenance costs.

Even worse, you may have serious issues with your existing windows even if you aren't feeling any cold drafts during the winter. Energy loss through windows can happen due to the windows themselves being poorly insulated, and sometimes minor drafts can go unnoticed. If your windows are old, replacement can potentially cut your energy bills by a significant amount.

Old Windows Are a Maintenance Nightmare

In addition to hurting your wallet thanks to increased energy costs, old windows often come with their own set of frustrating and expensive maintenance issues. As windows age, their ability to seal against the elements is reduced. This allows more outside air to get into your house, but it can also result in damaging water leaks. Dealing with these problems as they come may seem like the cheaper option, but the cost of individually repairing windows and dealing with any collateral damage can quickly add up. Once maintenance on windows starts becoming a major expensive, full replacement is usually the best option.

Windows Are Key to Curb Appeal

Maybe you aren't planning on selling your home this year or next year, but most homeowners do eventually choose to move on. When you're ready for your home to pass on to its next owner, curb appeal will be a huge part of making sure that you get the best sale price possible. Your windows are one of the most obvious and visible parts of your home, and old, worn windows can easily drive buyers away. On the other hand, new windows are a great way to spruce up and modernize the appearance of an old home.

Of course, curb appeal is nice even when a sale isn't on the horizon. Nicer, newer windows will make your home look that much more impressive, and who doesn't want their home to make the best first impression possible?