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Don't Delay: Replace Your Rental Property's Impact Windows Right Away

Are the impact windows on your rental property in need of replacement? If so, don't ignore this update. Replacing the windows might seem like a minor update or an investment you don't want to make, but it's definitely one that won't just benefit your tenant in the long run. Learn why replacing these windows makes sense.

Insurance Protection

In many coastal communities that are prone to hurricanes, it's not uncommon for insurance companies to require property owners to have impact windows installed on the property. However, if the insurance certification for your policy also requires an inspection, outdated or damaged impact windows still won't meet this qualification. If your property is in an area with this type of requirement, in such a high-risk area, you cannot afford not to have sufficient coverage, so updating the windows is a must. 

Energy Efficiency

Impact windows can be treated with the same UV blocking film as standard windows. However, just like traditional windows, the UV protection does not last forever. The average renter wants to live in a cost-efficient property, not one with unforgiving electric costs. Yet, failing to replace the windows could lead to this type of scenario. Updating the glass is worth it to help you keep tenants satisfied, and ultimately, in your property longer, so that you earn money off the property, not lose money. 

Damage Liability

Did you know that you could also be responsible for damage to your tenant's property? Some renter's insurance policies will ask for details about the property, including the type of windows installed. If you market the property as having impact glass, but the glass is damaged and, in the event of a storm, the tenant sustains significant damage to their property, the insurance company can come after you in what is known as a third-party liability claim. Keeping the windows, and every other structure in the home, intact is how you avoid this issue. 

Curb Appeal

Windows that are discolored, dented, or that don't open all affect a property's curb appeal. For the average renter, the outside image of a property is the first glimpse they have, and if they don't like what they see, they are less likely to take a second look. Replacing these damaged windows can give your property a major boost in the appeal department and help you secure a tenant much faster, which will ultimately save you money. 

If you are ready to replace your impact windows, contact sites like http://www.gulfcoastbuildersinc.com for more information.